Believe in art education? Here's your chance to be heard!!!

Just a quick post to let you know two things. First, I’m still insane (if you had any doubts). Second, if you believe in arts education for our Santa Barbara schools, I have a mission for you. 

On the insanity: I apparently have a moth-to-a-flame thing when it comes to arts advocacy. When I see a good cause I can’t say no. Sure, all this leads to time management glitches, hyper-caffeinatation and housekeeping chaos, but a moth’s gotta do what a moth’s gotta do.

The latest “flame” I’ve headed for is Santa Barbara County's local coalition of the California Alliance for Arts Education (SBCAAE) – a group of parents, educators community leaders, non-profits, business people, foundations, public servants and entrepreneurs all working together to promote, support, and advocate for visual and performing arts education in our local schools. There is some serious intellectual and organizational firepower in this group and I've already learned a tremendous amount in the short time I've been working with them.

If you have a child in the Santa Barbara school system, you’re painfully aware of the impact budget cuts have had on our public education – and the arts were one of the curriculum areas hardest hit by the financial storm. While parent fundraising, local philanthropy, nonprofit generosity, and volunteerism have allowed certain school to offer some arts programming, as things stand today there simply isn’t consistent quality, access and equity across the District when it comes to arts education offerings.

Creativity is essential and it needs to be nurtured in our schools. (For all the reasons why, here's Sir Ken Robinson's explanation (click here), just in case you missed the TED Talk.) The bottom line is that the visual and performing arts and music need to be a core part of every child’s education. And we have an opportunity to help make this happen, starting this week. Which leads me to YOUR MISSION:

This month, the Santa Barbara School Board will meet to decide the fate of arts programming in our schools for the next three years. We need to weigh in now on the School District’s Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) in order to make real progress toward the creation of long-term arts education opportunities for ALL of Santa Barbara’s K-12 students. If you believe in arts education for our Santa Barbara schools, please plan on attending these SBUSD meetings:


JANUARY 12TH & 26TH, 6:30PM


Bring your family, friends and of course your kids! Feel free to bring an art project to share with the Board as well, and a few words on why you believe an arts education matters. Please, please share this post with your friends and colleagues! The bigger our numbers the louder our voice!!!

Please also like the SBCAAE Facebook page and check out their website, too!  

Thank you for making art matter!!!!